Your healthy lifestyle
starts at the Banya!


Wet Russian Sauna

+    Promotes your healthy lifestyle

+    Helps your body fight off Cold and Flu viruses

+    During session you can experience measurable weight loss

+    Increases circulation to the skin helping to prevent cellulite

+    Helps in relieving allergies, asthma and sinuses problems

+    Reduces the effects of a stressful life

+    Increased perspiration to help rid the body of toxins

+    Soothing heat relaxes and eases stiff muscles

+    Reduces common signs of aging

+    Enjoy a massage with oak branches (see Venik Treatment)

+    Leave with a good mood to last through the whole day

A banya a day keeps the doctor away

The high temperature in the steaming room (or parilka) is extremely good for your health. Soothing heat stimulates sweating which helps eliminate unwanted toxins and bacteria inside your body.

Sweating releases excess water from the body and opens pores. It makes the skin softer and fresher. It enhances blood circulation and improves the kidney function. A venik treatment – a massage with a bundle of dried birch, oak and or eucalyptus branches tied together – increases these effect.

“Banya professors” – people that go to the banya every week – recommend lying in the parilka during the massage with venik. In this way all parts of your body will experience the same temperature. Most veniks in Russia are made of birch and oak, but in southern parts of the country eucalyptus venikis also very common.

A typical “banya procedure” may differ from person to person. Some prefer to go to the steaming room without taking a shower first in order to sweat naturally. Others prefer to take a shower and scrub their bodies before steaming. These are just two ways to open the pores. After a good sweat it is customary to plunge into a cold-water tub or take a cold bucket shower. Traditionally, a russian banya treatment might be followed by a plunge into a pile of snow in the winter. This is usually the end of “round one.”

After a fifteen-minute interlude to relax and drink tea comes “round two.” Inside the steaming room a small amount of water is splashed onto the rocks inside the heater. In most cases some herbal solutions or extracts are added to make the smell more pleasant and enjoyable. Then comes “venik time” – people start gently beating one another with bundles of tree branches to increase perspiration and distribute the heat evenly throughout the body.

Then comes “round three”. After you finish your banya process you may wash your entire body with soap or you may choose to have a professional soap massage or peeling massage with honey, salt or coffee grains. This treatment when used on a regular basis will keep you healthy for a great number of years. After the treatment, many Russians will say to you: “S lyogkim parom” which translates literally to  “congratulations with the easy steam.” In fact, it means, “We hope that you’ve enjoyed your bath.”

Russians like it hot

The temperature in the steaming room may easily exceed 100 degrees Celsius (200 degrees Fahrenheit). It is recommended to wear a special felt hat to protect your head from the intense heat. Another “accessory” is a piece of cloth for sitting on the hot benches.


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