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High-Temperature Steam Room

+    Relaxes you and eases stress

+    Relieving muscle tensions and stiff joints

+    Boosting the immune system, stimulating blood circulation, and increasing body metabolism

+   30% of bodily toxins are eliminated through perspiration

+   Skin rejuvenation, and detoxification

+   Healthy skin after steam

+   Preventing wrinkles on your face

+   Steam helps relieve bronchitis and helps in preventing allergies, asthma and sinuses

The steam sauna is relative to the dry sauna but with the added exposure to thick steam mist that projects from the walls. Steam can be an important part of any sauna experience whether it is used for relaxation or just to extract toxins from the body. It is estimated that about 30% of bodily toxins are eliminated through perspiration, which makes our saunas a great place to get healthy

Here are a few benefits which you can gain from a relaxing steam room session:

1.   After spending some time in steam rooms you will notice that your muscles get the best relief besides your joints. When you have relaxed joints and muscles you will not encounter arthritis or have less chance of developing this condition.

2.   Did you know that muscle tension provide migraine and headaches?  Steam rooms relax your muscles and lower the possibility of stress.

3.   When you take steam, it provides deep nourishment. When you wash your face with water and soap, you clean one of the layers of the skin but sweating helps in opening the pores and skin while cleaning the inner layer.

4.   If you have a healthy skin after steam, you won’t get acne problems, which will also help in preventing wrinkles on your face.

5.   If you have been experiencing congestion problem taking steam or going to a steam room will definitely benefit you. When you inhale steam, the steam will make the passage very smooth.

6.   Steam also cures bronchitis and help in preventing allergies, asthma and sinuses.

7.   Steam room also helps in the movement of blood via body. You will definitely achieve better circulation with the help of steam or spending some time in steam rooms.


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